Web Crossing Help - HTML

HTML and Web Crossing

HTML stands for "HyperText Markup Language". It describes the formatting codes used to display World Wide Web documents in your Web browser. Web Crossing allows you to use the full power of HTML in your messages and headings.

You do not need to learn HTML in order to use Web Crossing. You can use your Web browser to "Go Back" to the previous page, and just complete your post as plain text. But, do remember to put a blank line between each paragraph, because that is how Web Crossing tells where to "break" paragraphs. You can also look at the quick-edit usage, which is a very simple way to add bold, italic, centering, indenting, and bulleted paragraphs to your text.

HTML Summary

HTML uses "tags" to embed formatting controls into text.

For example, to make some text bold, you put <b> in front of it ("start bold"), and you put </b> (stop bold) after it. So if you enter the text

it would display as

So, to use HTML, you just need to know the right tags for the formatting you want. And, in Web Crossing, if you mess something up, you can immediately edit it to make it right.

Where to go from here

There is a lot of good material available through the World Wide Web, and you can also do a Web search for "HTML Reference".

There are a number of good books about HTML formatting available at your local bookstore.

Finally, there are a number of editing programs which let you edit normally, while the program automatically inserts all of the right HTML tags for you. So, you can edit in one of these programs and then copy and paste the resulting HTML into a Web Crossing form.