Web Crossing Help - Quick-Edit


» Overview

Web Crossing provides a quick-editor to make it easier to add formatting to your document.

Because the text you post is reformatted and displayed in HTML by your Web browser, you need to use either raw HTML or the quick-editor to add paragraph breaks, bold, italic, centering, indented paragraphs, and bulleted paragraphs to your messages.

You do not need to know or learn the quick-editor in order to use Web Crossing. Just use your Web browser to "Go Back" to the previous page and complete your post. But, do remember to put a blank line between each paragraph, because that is how Web Crossing tells where to break paragraphs.

» Example

The quick-editor looks at the first two characters of each line to insert various formatting controls. For example, if a line starts with a "b" and a space, then the rest of that line is formatted in bold. When you enter the text:

the quick-editor will format this to display as: Note that the quick-editor will automatically put a space after any bold or italic formatting. And remember, if you do mess something up, you can always edit it immediately to fix it.

» Formatting Summary

Controls are the first character on a line. These format control characters must be followed by a space, except for the *, ] and >.

b - bold up to the end of the current line.
i - italic up to the end of the current line.
c - center up to the end of the current line.
* - bulleted paragraph up to the next blank line (no space needed).
] - indent the paragraph up to the next blank line (no space needed).
> - indent and use the blockquote font, up to the next blank line (no space needed).

» Referencing Other Messages

You may wish to reference a previously posted message when the message you wish to comment on is several messages back, or when you would like to refer people to a message in another discussion.

To add a link to another message, you simply:

When you finish writing your message and post it, the message URL is converted to the message author and date it was posted, and is linked to the referenced message. For example, John Smith 2/14/98 11:52am. Clicking on a message reference will go to that message.

» Quoting from Other Messages

You may wish to include text from a previous message, so that you can comment on some portion of a message.

To quote previously posted material:

For example,

will be formatted as:

You may wish to include a reference to the message a quote came from, as describe in the previous section. In our example, this could look like:

» Emoticons

You may type "smilies" in text and have them replaced automatically by small emoticon images.

Below is a list of the available images and the text "triggers" that make them appear.

If you don't want to see the emoticon images in messages, you can turn them off in your personal preferences.

To see this emoticonType one of these
 Smile :) :-)     :smile:
 Sad :( :-(     :frown:
 Grin :D :-D     :grin:
 Angry >:( >:-(     :angry:
 Chagrin :/ :-/ :-\ :\ :chagrin:
 Eek!=:o :o 8-o 8o :eek:
 Wink;>;) ;-)   :wink:
 Neutral:| :-|     :neutral:
 Oooh!8) 8-)     :ooh:
 Confused%( %-(     :confused:
 Sheepish:") :">     :sheepish:
 Worried8| 8-|     :worried:
 Asleep|-I |I     :asleep:
 Eyeroll8/ 8-/ 8\ 8-\ :eyeroll:
 CoolB) B-)     :cool:
 Cool FrownB( B-(     :coolfrown:
 Lips are Sealed :X :-X     :sealed:
 Pbpt! :p :-p :P :-P :pbpt:
 Silly GrinXD X-D     :sillygrin:
 Goofy%D %-D     :goofy: