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School Closings

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Our Snow & Storm Policy as of December 7th, 2006:


We will announce a closing or delay in opening for Cranberry Crossing Day school on our web site: and sign up for snow day allert on There are no preschool (9-12) classes when Carver public schools are closed or have a delayed opening. We will only close in the event of loss of power or if the Carver DPW advises businesses to close. We may close mid-day if the inside temperature goes below 62 degrees or if we are without water or electricity for 2 hours and the expected resumption of power is unknown. We will call every parent to advise them to pick up their child immediately should this occur. Once we have made a decision to close the decision will be irreversible for that day..

No refunds will be given in the event of a forced closure.


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