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    November 2011 Newsletter

November News   Cranberry Crossing EEC
We hope that you have found the transition to our new owner a comfortable and easy one. Some of you have met Sean and are noticing the improvements he is making to the center. To make things more efficient for you and for our records, we would prefer that you make your tuition payments by debit/credit card. Bobbi, Lynne or Tina are able to take your payments M-F from opening to close. Payments not received by Wed. of each week will be subject to a late fee, unless prior arrangement has been made with the office. Checks will be accepted but not cash.
Also for those of you that have pre-tax debits, please check your personal emails for the new tax ID number. Bobbi can continue to sign the forms as Director.
Please be sure that you have subscribed to 7NEWS snow day alert. Log onto from your phone or computer and click on snow day alert. Fill in the required information listing Cranberry Crossing EEC, Inc.  All closings for Cranberry Crossing, EEC for weather or emergency related issues will be available to you via WHDH.
Please be sure your child has a complete set of extra clothing – shoes – socks – gloves – hats. Some of them still have summer clothing as their extra set, so please check and be sure your child has everything they need each day. Also, they need a labeled sheet and small blanket for rest.
Thank you very much for your participation in the Yankee Candle sales. Your children’s classrooms will enjoy about $1100.00 from profit for some large items they had on their class wish list. Savannah Babbin’s parents sold the most candles at $611.00 and have earned a $50.00 tuition credit. The orders should be in within the next few weeks.
Cranberry Crossing EEC would like to offer parents some time out for a date or shopping night. If we get enough people interested, we will offer 2 Saturdays a month from 5-10 PM with a light supper, activities, bed time stories and a movie for the older children. Cost $40.00 for 1 child, $60.00 for 2. Let us know if you are interested. Prepayment will be required.
Our Parent board has met once and we would love you to consider joining us. The meeting times are posted once a month and we already have many events planned for the holidays including a food collection basket for the needy, a family from the homeless shelter to sponsor for Christmas and a Polar Express night for the children with the cost of admission – 1 pair of PJ’s to be matched with a book by Scholastic.  More information will follow soon about these events. We had hoped to do our annual Edaville trip, but there is no free night this year for Carver residents. So please see Lynne for more information about the parent board.
 You may have realized that Sarah has not been here. She has had some concerns regarding her pregnancy, so she is home resting and taking care of herself while waiting for January and her baby to arrive.
We will be implementing a new software system, which will make all our record keeping so much simpler and easy to update and follow. Your child’s enrollment information, attendance and tuition will all be entered into the computer soon and will allow you to check your balance, get a copy of an immunization record or update your child’s information very easily.
There is no 9-1 class on 11/11 or 11/14. We are closed on 11/24 and 11/25 for Thanksgiving.          Happy Holidays.

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / November 2011 Newsletter

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