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    October 2009 News

October News
Our school year has gotten off to a great start.
We are so happy that many new friends have joined us for another year of learning and fun.
Some events for October: Fire Safety Week
Thursday 10/8:    Walking trip for 3-5 year olds
to the No. Carver Fire Station. We will walk through the cemetery – cut across at Grandma Mac’s ice-cream shop and cross as a group to the fire station. Traffic will be stopped by one of the dads and we will have help from the firefighters in getting all the children back and forth safely. We will leave Cranberry at 10:00 AM and return by 12:00PM. Please sign your child’s permission slip and volunteer to join us if you are able. If it is not your child’s day and you want to join us, please let us know. You will be required to accompany your child.=2 0
We will also have a visit from Carver FD on 10/16 at 10:00 AM for children not here on 10/8. Many pictures will be taken. Also as part of our curriculum, we practice fire drills monthly and will be holding fire drills next week and every month there after. We encourage you to also make a plan at home and practice with your child.
Friday 10/9 – No public school so no preschool
(9-12 & 9-1) classes. We are open for full year children.
Monday 10/12       We are closed
Tuesday 10/13   picture day starts at 9:30 – I/T and T/Th classes, and Sue and Lindsay’s preschool class.
Wed: 10/14 – picture day starting at 9:30 AM – School age siblings by appointment – starting at 8:30. If your child is not in public school – please do not take an early appointment for your children, but may have one after 9:30 AM.
Halloween – please see each class calendar for their celebration and sign up sheet.
The upstairs class has sent home news regarding their letters and authors for the month. Letters :HGWP
The 3-4 year old class has also prepared their October calendar and you may find it in your child’s folder.
Please note the toddler’s checklist. Many children are not keeping up with diapers and wipes and we have to borrow from other children. We try to give you plenty of notice when running low – so please send them in as requested. We also need labeled sets of warm clothing, especially for those children potty training.
Please see Bobbi, Lynne, Robin or Michelle Doll for info on joining our parent board. We are planning an October family social for everyone to get acquainted with new and old friends. 11/14 – Edaville festival of lights –free night more info to follow from parent board.

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