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    April 2008 News

We welcome spring and look forward to getting outside everyday, weather permitting. Please be sure to send in weather appropriate clothing, including shoes and socks and replace your child's spare set of clothing with a new set for spring.

The week of April 21st is TV turn off week. We have planned a full week of activities - to spend quality time with you and your child.

On Monday 4/21 - Thanks to the Parent Board - all Cranberry Crossing families are invited to Buttonwood Park in New Bedford. We will meet at 9:50AM - get a head count and then enjoy the zoo at your leisure. If you'd like to invite someone who is not a Cranberry Family - we'd love them to come - their cost would be $5.00 per adult - $2.00 for children over 2 and free for under 2 year olds.

On Tuesday 4/22 - Lynne will host a PJ Story Hour at 7:00 PM. Be sure to wear your PJ's.

On Wednesday- 4/22 we will hold a fund raiser for new summer equipment, sponsored by Dominos Pizza. We ask that you take a coupon and present it upon your purchase at Dominos, bring your pizza here and after dinner - Big Ryan - will be doing a story hour for all.

On Thursday 4/24- we will have a family game night - such a Bingo, Uno, Monopoly Jr. so come and have fun.

Then on Friday 4/25 - Lynne will host her 2nd sleep over from 7 PM - 9 AM. Cost $45.00 per child, payable upon sign up. - see Lynne.

Some of our pre-k children have joined us for a full day of preschool in preparation for full day kindergarten. There is still room - so please sign up.

We are closed Monday 4/21 and Monday 5/26. Our annual field trip for 3-6 year olds to the Pirate cruise in Plymouth will be held on Tuesday 6/3. $11.00 per person. Chaperones needed. The parent board is one again paying for the bus.

Permission slips to follow.

See you soon.

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