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    October 2006 Newsletter (CORRECTED)

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October News

Yankee Candles: Many thanks to all of you. It was our best year ever with over $6000.00 in sales. The highest seller was the Donaldson family who sold over $900.00 in candles. They will receive a free month of pre-school for their son Nickolas. Our classrooms will receive their profit directly and you will see the great additions we are making in our classrooms thanks to your efforts. We expect our candles in about 4 weeks.

Pictures: Monday and Tuesday – October 16 and 17th will be our picture days. Siblings will be at 8:30 for those of you who have to put older children on the bus. Please schedule your sibling appointment. For those of you, who do not attend on Monday or Tuesday, please set up an appointment with your child’s teacher so that your child’s class picture includes him/her. You may dress your child either day for their individual picture and send in a change of clothing if you’d like.

Our parent board met on Tuesday Oct.3 and has some information for you: Anne Rizzuto was elected President. Thank you Ann. Our meetings will be held the first Tuesday of each month, 6:30PM. We’d love to have you join. Please drop in. Many events are being considered for the winter and next year. These events take many hands to get the work done. We will be posting an information sheet requesting your emails or you may sign up to get all our school news. Among other things we are adopting a local nursing home, planning a family meal at Friendly’s, looking for a hall for our Valentine Dance and planning another trip to Buttonwood Park and the Brockton Rox. Please let us know if you have a membership which would allow discounts at a hall or other venue. We will also be offering a Thanksgiving basket to raise money for the MPG families we will sponsor at Christmas. Edaville free nights are 11/10 -11/12. We will try to meet at the 5:00 Pm train on Sat., last 2 cars, for a Cranberry Crossing group event followed by hot cocoa. More information to follow on all these items.

Wed. Oct 11: we had a visit from our local fire department complete with fire truck and full uniforms. We want your children to be comfortable with the firemen and will be practicing fire drills at school during various times of the day. We encourage you to do the same at home and to teach your older child to call 911 and be able to provide their address and name.

Clothing & Meals: Fall is here and with that colder weather. Our back playground gets pretty chilly, but the children need and love to go outside. Please send in a warm jacket, shoes and socks every day. Don’t forget to change their extra set to a warmer outfit and include extra shoes and socks if you can. Remember we do not have a breakfast or lunch program here anymore. We will be happy to serve your child breakfast sent from home. Remember to send in a drink every day or milk once a month as well as cereal or toast, if they eat breakfast here. If your child eats his/her lunch at school or you simply forget their lunch bag – a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, fruit and milk are available for $1.75.

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / October 2006 Newsletter (CORRECTED)

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