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    Summer Camp 2006

Dear Parents –

We have put together our summer program which will be a trip around the world in 70 days. We hope your children will join us for 70 days of fun, food, costumes music and sports. We will start the week of:

June 19 USA June 26 Mexico July United Kingdom July 10 France July 17 Italy (soccer) July 24 Japan (baseball) July 31 South Africa August 7 Egypt & No. Africa August 14 Australia August 21 the Caribbean Islands

Please help us by providing recipes, music, clothing or other items you may have from any of these countries. By sharing your heritage with the children here, we will be able to offer an exciting multi cultural program which will include many wonderful traditions and customs that your child will truly enjoy.

We will include our soccer program during the week of July 17 and Baseball during the week of July 24th. These 2 camps are the only ones which will require an extra fee of $5.00 per child to cover the cost of our guest trainers.

All children enrolled for the summer will be offered every camp. If your child does not attend in the summer, but would like to join us for “camp”, the hours are 9-1 for $22.50 per day or $100.00 per week. A minimum of 2 days a week is required, unless a space becomes available on a day to day basis.

Please fill out the attached to indicate your request for care for the 10 weeks of summer. We’d love your visits and help with recipes or sharing a new language with the children.

Thank you,


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