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    March 2006 Newsletter

March News

We’ve made it through most of the winter and are looking forward to an early spring. We will certainly go out more, so please send weather appropriate clothing.

As you may have guessed, our Sweetheart Dance was a huge success. The final figures will be available after Tuesdays parent board meeting. We’d love to have more of you join the board. As you saw, a small group of women and their husbands, helped to make the dance a huge success. If there is anything you would have changed or any suggestions you may have, please join us and let us know. Tuesday, March 7 @6:30PM.

Parent Teacher conferences will be held during the last week of March. Your child’s teacher will post an appointment sheet and will be offering various times to meet with you. If you are unable to come during the times offered, we will gladly arrange a private time at your convenience. You are not required to attend a conference for your child, but it is a great time to discuss progress, concerns and goals for your child. An on going evaluation form is kept in your child’s folder and while we do not hand one out at conference, the most recent entries are available to you with a 24 hour notice. Your child is evaluated every 6 months of continued care and our curriculum is based on meeting the needs of each individual child.

Our annual scholastic book fair will also be held during the last week of March. The center uses all profits to purchase books directly for each classroom. Your donation of books is also greatly appreciated. Reading is one of the greatest ways to spend time with your child and has been proven to produce better reading skills in children. Books from our book fair will make great additions to your Easter Baskets. If you don’t want your child to see the books you choose, just let us know and we will bag them up and give them to you later.

We will be sending home our annual parent questionnaire in April. We would appreciate your reading it, and answering or commenting on the questions it includes. It will only help us to improve if you feel free to offer both suggestions and criticisms. We always enjoy positive comments, but will become a better childcare center by attending to areas you may not be happy with.

Please remember your child’s rest items. Send in a clean sheet and small blanket their 1st day of the week, and take it home on their last day. This is one way to keep germs and illness from spreading and lingering. Some children have no rest items at all, if your child has none; he/she needs them everyday.

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