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    November 2005 Newsletter

This is a repost of the Nov Newsletter so anyone without Microsoft Word may read it too.


November News

Sorry about the October Newsletter. As you know it has been a very busy start to the year with preschool, fundraising and pictures all within a few weeks. We hope all has been smooth for you and your child. Our Yankee candle fundraiser again was a wonderful success, with almost $2000.00 in profit. The O'Connor's were the highest seller with over $650.00 in candles. Thanks to all who participated. Two classrooms have ordered their new equipment and the remaining 3 are giving a lot of thought to their purchases. One thing we are contemplating is to add a surface to our playgrounds which will allow the older children to play ball and have a harder surface for play with sand remaining on the top and possible wood chips or mulch on the bottom level. The toddlers are also hoping to purchase rubberized safety surfacing to allow the toddlers to crawl and use their ride on toys. If you have access to any of these materials and could get us a good price or help us with installation, please see Bobbi or Lynne. Monday at 4:00 PM we will have a Halloween Dinner for the children. The children must sign up and pay cash for pizza if they will be here. Then its home to trick or treat. Upstairs is $4.00/down is $3.00. See your child's teachers.

Make sure your child has a full set of warm indoor and outdoor clothing. We try to get out every day and must have appropriate clothes.

Sympathy is extended to The Trent's and Hughes families on the loss of a grandparent.

Please pick up a thermos if your child is having a warm lunch. If you heat it in the AM and seal it warm, it will be great at lunch time. A drink should also be provided or you may purchase milk for $3.00 per month.

Snow days will be announce on WHDH ch. 7 or log onto for closings. Please register your email for notifications monthly. You may also log onto and lick on "closing bell for your cell". Follow the instructions and you will be notified on your cell phone of school closings.

Information on the Polar Express at the Kingston MBTA is available. 12/10/05. Sounds like a great trip.

Our 1st Parent Board meeting is on Nov. 1. Please try to attend and be part of this years plan. See Angela Murphy, President or Lynne.

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