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    March 2005 Newsletter

We realize how difficult a winter it has been for you and appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Between the parking, the snow days and recently the stomach bug we have experienced, it has been a long and trying winter indeed. We have a few more stormy days to face and will do our best to remain open and continue to provide happy and fun days for your children. Spring is really around the corner and we will be out playing and enjoying some good weather soon. When we have figured out the number of hours our (9-12) classes have missed due to no school days, we will let you know how your child will be able to make up that time. If you have any questions, please see Bobbi or Lynne.

Enrollment for fall preschool will be ongoing from March through June, so if you are planning on having your child attend our preschool programs next fall; it is not too early to sign up. Children going to Kindergarten in September of 2006 will be in the upstairs classroom for preschool next fall. All younger will remain downstairs until they are “Pre-K”. For the children entering Kindergarten in Sept. of 2005 please be sure you have received your information packet from Carver or your town. Registration for Kindergarten in Carver will be in May. You will need a copy of your child’s immunization records which we will be happy to provide. Please give us 24 hour notice.

Tax time is here and we will gladly provide a copy of your childcare payments. Again, we will need a 24 hour notice.

If you missed your child’s conference night due to bad weather or illness, their teachers will be offering make up appointments, so please reschedule if you have any questions or concern.

Lunches: please note that lunches must be scheduled in advance. We cannot find out at 10 or 11 AM that your child needs a lunch. The menu is posted and is payable with tuition or by 9:00AM. Also if your child has breakfast at Cranberry Crossing or needs a drink with their lunch, you should be providing 1 gallon of milk per month or include $3.00 per month in your tuition.

Thank you to the Hanrahan’s, the Traynors, the Maddens, the Fords and the Sheehans for their contributions to our infant toddler room. We still need a changing table, a swing and another rocking chair. If you have one, please let us know before you put it out at your yard sale.

We trust you have met Erica Barboza, our new assistant teacher. Erica has been a wonderful addition to our staff and we know your children love her already.

We are planning our end if the year field trip on the lobster tales pirate vessel on June6th. If you are able to chaperone, please keep the date in mind. More information will follow. Our parent board is planning an Easter Raffle. We enjoyed the winter concert and valentine dance which the parent board sponsored. They have already planned our family fun day and look forward to your participation. Your support helps pay for these events for your children. Pls. return tickets asap.

Our Annual Book Fair, 3/22-3/29, will be held upstairs. Please help us earn books by purchasing several. They are great additions to your child’s Easter Basket.

Lastly, please support our 3-4 yr. old hop for cystic fibrosis during the w/o 3/21.

We need your Shaw/shopping plastic bags.

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / March 2005 Newsletter

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