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    Newsletter: February 2005

This Saturday, Feb. 12, our parent board will be hosting our 2nd annual sweetheart dance. The Dance will be from 3-6 at the Carver VFW on Green Street. Please sign up to bring a snack or drink and enjoy a fun afternoon with your little sweetheart. If you would like to participate in our cake walk, please bring in a cake or baked item and your child will be able to join the cake walk.

We are closed on Monday Feb. 21. The public school will be on vacation the w/o 2/21. There are no 9-12 classes on school vacation week. Please let us know if your full day child will be attending during Feb. vacation.

Our infant toddler rooms need a few things. If you have these items for sale or would like to make a donation, please let us know:

1. A rocking chair 2. An infant swing or 2 in good condition (with straps). 3. A high chair or 2 also with straps and in good condition. 4. A double stroller

If you find one of these at a yard sale or find a great buy, wed be happy to reimburse you or credit your account.

The week of 2/7 is a special week for us. Bring a loved one to school week. During this week, we invite you to come in and spend some time with your child, niece, nephew, grandchild or friend. There are sign up sheets in each classroom for days and times available.

Valentine parties will be held on Feb. 10, Thursday and Monday 2/14. sign up sheets are in each classroom. Please send in valentines signed without names on the envelopes, for your child to hand out to their friends.

Parent teacher conferences will be held the week of Feb. 28. There will be sign up sheets with 2 evenings and 2 afternoons available by appointment. Your child has a full evaluation done every 6 months and it is available for your review at anytime. The infants and toddlers are planning a video night to let you see the fun they have all day and allow you to meet some of the other parents of young children at the center. Dates tba.

Tax season is here and you may get a copy of your tuition payments at any time. Please give us a 24 hour notice to prepare it for you and have your tuition current. $1.00 per copy may be added to your tuition or left in the office.

Spring is in 6 weeks. Lets hope most of the snow is gone before we face another storm.

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / Newsletter: February 2005

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