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    September 2015 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the new school year!  I waited for all of our classrooms to make their changes before writing this. The children transitioning to new classrooms has gone well. I hope that getting curriculum plans via email is working well for our parents. We believe doing so allows you to expand upon what we are teaching at Cranberry Crossing at home. Please feel free to offer any ideas/suggestions to your child's classroom either by email or at pick up time. We love new ideas.
There is so much paperwork that needs to be completed in September. It is a daunting task. We are almost done with the contracts and will now start the state mandated update of children's files and parent surveys. This gives us important information if we need to contact you. More importantly, it gives us a picture of Cranberry Crossing from a parent's point of view and gives us ideas for ways to improve, so feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions!
The school children are doing very well on the bus.Their first half day is September 23. Make sure they have a lunch here. This typically becomes more of an issue when they start buying lunch.
Please check your child's change of clothes. Bathing suits can go home and maybe a pair of long pants can be sent in in exchange.  Please check your child's blanket this weekend as well. Several children have grown significantly this summer and their blankets are too short for them. A cuddly blanket makes rest time much more comfy!
We are still looking for a permanent toddler one teacher. We work very hard interviewing candidates to make sure that we have the best Teacher for your children. We look for someone who loves the toddler age group, understands their mentality (No might not really mean no!) and is full of energy. While we are looking, Stephanie, Theonna, Karen and I are all playing and learning with your toddlers. Thanks for your patience.
Again please call if your child is going to be late or will not be attending Cranberry Crossing for the day(ie-sick/vacation, etc). We are trying to keep our staffing ratios at the proper levels and appreciate your cooperation.

As we start our 32nd year, we thank you again for choosing Cranberry Crossing for your childcare needs. There are other centers around and we are proud that you chose us. We're glad you think we are the best, we think so too!!
Sincerely,    Lynne and Your Staff

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / September 2015 Newsletter

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