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    June 2014 News

Happy Summer!!!
It's June, time for change in every respect, most importantly good weather!  Gardens are blooming and children are outdoors playing!
Please note the list on the door for summer supplies. Your child needs:
1. LABELED  sunscreen, which you apply every morning.
2. Labeled bug spray, if you choose for your child to have it.
3. Labeled water bottle for outdoors.
4. Labeled hat to protect from insects/bugs and sun protection.
5. A toothbrush and toothpaste.
6. Labeled weather appropriate change of clothes and a swim suit and towel.
Does anyone see a common thread,  LABELED! It really helps us to identify each child's belongings quickly so we don't waste precious outside time.  We expect you to apply sunscreen on your child prior to their arrival in the morning. As you can imagine, it would be very time consuming to apply sunscreen to 10 children each time they go outside to play. Sunscreen brands are child specific due to allergies. We use gloves when we apply it and change gloves for each child. It is very difficult for the children to wait while others are having sunscreen applied without getting anxious. In the afternoon, we will reapply sunscreen when they wake up, so there is minimal waiting and we are ready to go out and enjoy the afternoon!
Please let us know your summer plans. I attached a summer vacation list this past month and will do it again this month. Please let us know ASAP if your child will be out for any period of time during the summer vacation. It is really important to help me schedule the teachers hours and grant vacation requests. It is hard on the staff to come in and then be sent home because children are on vacation with no notice and we are overstaffed. Also, don't forget to call if you are going to keep your child out or will be late. Thank You in advance for your cooperation.
We are scheduling this year's "Pizza in the Park".  We will give you more info next week after we discuss specifics at our staff meeting. Last year was a great success and we look forward to it again.
Many of you have noticed our new infant/toddler's carriage. It carries 4 infants and allows Jessie and Krystal to walk all 7 babies at once. This is the first time in years that I get to see the girls out walking the infants who really seem to enjoy the fresh air and exercise  
Some of your children have been visiting new classes in anticipation to upcoming classroom changes. The visiting process is slow and allows the children to meet their new teacher and gradually get comfortable in their future classroom. We will let you know when the process is near completion and your child will move into their new classroom permanently. Please keep us informed of what your children are saying about their new class/teachers.
Please note that everyone will be re-registering again this September 1, 2014
1. We will ask you to look over your child's file and update any information. 
2. There will be a re-registration fee of $50.00. 
3. We anticipate a slight rise in tuitions  and will give you those figures in July. New rates will go into effect on September 1, 2014
4.  Families who registered this past year with our promotion of 10% off tuition for the first year will revert to the 2013/14 rate as of 9/1/14. The tuition rate will stay at the 2013-2014 rate until Jan 1, 2015. The rate will then increase to the 2014/2015 rate. Please see me if you have any questions. I am the only one who can answer tuition questions.
Several of the staff are going to a workshop at the Plymouth Library on June 11 about Asthma and Allergies.  If any parents would like to attend, please see me for information. We would love to see you there.
Happy June Birthdays to Carter, Rhys, Nila, and Scarlett!  Happy Birthday to Lauren and Emily as well!
Two Questions of the Month:
After our survey, we were asked for a place to put checks. There is a basket that we check several times a day on the window sill of my office. Please leave your checks there.
We were also asked about teacher certification.
All our staff are checked for CORI and BRC.This means that all background checks are done before employment is offered and every other year thereafter.  After a course in Child Growth and Development and a length of time certified in the classroom, you become teacher certified.  After 4 courses and another lengthy amount of classroom hours, they can be Lead teacher certified. Every full time staff at Cranberry Crossing is either Lead teacher, teacher, or about to be certified as a teacher.  We have teenagers staff who come in at the end of the day to assist with the classes so staff can talk to parents and/or help with end of the day chores/cleaning.
Any questions that you may have can be written down on a piece of paper and dropped in the basket on my window sill for next month.
I just witnessed an injured toe getting first aid.  Although I love flip flops and have many pairs myself, I need all parents to know that flip flops are not allowed in the playground.  Sneakers or strapped sandals must be at the center for children to change into if they wear flip flops to school in the morning. This is a safety rule for boys and girls, everyday. No Flip Flops in the playground!
We are happy and appreciate that you have chosen Cranberry Crossing Early Education Center for your childcare needs.  We work very hard each day to care for your children and meet all of your expectations. Thank you for your kind words and pictures from Teacher Appreciation Week.  We appreciate you as well.

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