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    September 2010 Newsletter

We are so happy to be starting our new school year with you. Many new children have joined us and many of our older children are now off to school. This week our Preschool program begins. Lynne will be with the pre-k group and Sue and Lindsay with the 3’s and early 4’s. So far everyone seems happy and adjusting very well to our new room arrangement.
       Tuesday 9/14 is a half day for public school. Your school age child will not have lunch at school, so be sure they have a lunch packed to eat here. Preschool programs will remain the same. Thank you for attending Open House last Thursday and for your referrals. Parents are our best resource for help, ideas, changes and activities. Please do not hesitate to speak to Bobbi or your child’s teacher if you have any problems or concerns.
       Robin will be cutting her hours down as she will be helping her daughter Michaela with a new business. Robin has been a very large part of our Cranberry Crossing family and we will miss her greatly. We are glad she maybe able to help us out from time to time and we wish her and Michaela the very best. We invite all of you to have your child/children make her a picture of a memory that they have shared with Robin as well as each parent do the same.  Every family and staff member is filled with kind thoughts and good wishes for her.
       Tuition contracts have been written and sent home. Please return your portion, signed ASAP. Vacation time will not be given without a contract in place.
       Our toddler class welcomes many new children who will be taught by: Jessica and Christina/ Infants and I/Toddler 1. Debbie, Shonna and Christina will be with Toddler 2 and Tod/PS. Many of you know Shonna as she has worked here for over 10 years, is LT and has years of experience with all our age groups. Melissa is also helping us out in the afternoon and we are very happy to have such a wonderful group of teachers.
       All children, regardless of age, need a full set of clothing left at the center. This includes play clothing for the school age children and everything including extra shoes and socks for the other children. They all have a cubby for spare clothes which should be replaced if used and sent home.  
       The 3-5 year old class has a child with a peanut allergy. Although we allow peanut butter products to be eaten at a separate table, we encourage peanut free products whenever possible. In the toddler room we also have a child with allergies to eggs and tree nuts. We ask that you are aware of these children when packing your child’s lunch and try to avoid these products, although no child is allowed to share food.
       If your child has medication, please see Tina in the morning to get the proper forms filled out. The medication will then be stored properly and dispensed by your child’s teacher at the appropriate time. If you have not replaced your child’s Tylenol or Benedryl (after the recall) please do so.
Thanks and welcome back
Bobbi & Lynne

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / September 2010 Newsletter

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