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    August 2010 News

Dear Parents,


Here we are at the close of summer vacation. We hope your children enjoyed their time off and that you were able to spend some fun time with the family.


We will not be closed on Friday 8/27 as previously scheduled. We usually plan a day for cleaning and remodeling for the upcoming year, but as you know we have had to make major changes already to accommodate the landlord’s scheduled renovations of our 3rd classroom and have moved completely to the 1st floor. The change was difficult for some of the children, especially the younger ones, but everyone seems to be settling in. We are anxious for the renovations and look forward to that in the future.


Tuition contracts have been sent out, and we have not increased rates for our current families. The vacation policy is the same as last year. Full year children get 2 weeks of their days at 50% or 1 week at $0.00 cost. This time must be scheduled in advance.  No credit is given for sick days.  Part year children, or school year contracts, get 50% of school vacation weeks, but are responsible for payment in full for other no school days, and your child is welcome here on the days that we are open and there is no school.  Pre-K or Nursery Children are scheduled for a specific number of school days, based on the school calendar do not earn vacation time. This applies to the 9-12 and 9-1 2 day or 3 day children. Nursery school open house is on 9/9 at 6:30-7:30 PM. The program starts on Monday 9/13 and Tues. 9/14.


The classroom changes will be less dramatic as we are all on 1 floor now. Please use the rear door as our main entrance. Your child’s rest items should fit into a small labeled tote bag in their cubby. It will be shared space, so no full size pillows, blankets or sleeping bags will work. Also your child must have a complete set of clothing including socks, shoes, a few sets of underwear and wipes if the still need help with toileting. These items must be replenished as we use them. All children who are in school or entering school in 2011 will be in Lynne and Robin’s class. Children 2 years from kindergarten will be in Sue and Lindsay’s class. We will also be creating a Toddler 1 and Toddler 2 class which will allow children who are not quite old enough or ready to make the move to the 3 year old room a chance to have a more structured and developmentally appropriate program.   Please share your comments, concerns and any questions with us at any time. We need and appreciate your ongoing support.


1st day of school for grades 1-12 is Tuesday 8/31. They are off on Friday 9/3 and we are open if you need care. We are closed on Monday 9/6. The 1st day of kindergarten is Tuesday 9/7. Our bus route is #3 and is scheduled to depart Cranberry at 8:14 AM.  You will receive a note from us about their classroom visit on 8/26. We’d love to take them to see their class if you are unable too, just let us know.


Thank You


Bobbi & Lynne

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