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    Student’s achievements were reached with wide range of support

Originally found at the Carver Reporter

To the editor:

When Scott Knief announced our son’s name as the valedictorian of Carver High School’s Class of 2010, we were certainly very proud of Carl. Kind people congratulated us, but we are not to take full credit for this accomplishment. As I look back, I realize that it took the community of Carver to create the climate for Carl to get there.

Carl was 8 weeks old when I finished my maternity leave and handed him over to Terri (Alison) Sexton. Yes, she lived in Plymouth at the time, but is presently a superior kindergarten teacher at the Carver Primary School. Her incredible knowledge and understanding of young children was apparent then and is well in use today. How lucky are the students in her class?

At 18 months, Carl started attending Cranberry Crossing Day Care. They were not a babysitting facility at all. They were top-notch professionals in their field of early childhood. The routines they established, as well as their flexibility, were noteworthy. We will never forget the time Carl brought in a litter of baby bunnies and picked him up later hearing about the bunny races in race lanes made up of cardboard bricks that day.

Primary multiage with Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Mahoney provided structure and creativity that Carl jumped into. Intermediate multiage with Mrs. Murphy and co-teachers provided academic demands that Carl reached for.

Mr. Barakat gave Carl kind and patient instruction on the clarinet in his “Pied Piper of Music” type of way. (An important side note, Gil was an outstanding cooperating teacher and mentor for our other son, Alex, where he student-taught last fall. Alex is presently the music teacher at the Peebles Elementary Public School in Bourne. Thanks!).

In middle school, CCAT led by Dan Miot, gave Carl his passion for video production. He was actually allowed to work on the Morning Show, a high school exclusive, while in eighth grade.

Carver Public Library and its SAILS network supplied the summer reading for Carl. They’ve saved us enough money for his first year of college textbooks.

In high school, Carl secured major roles every year in the high school play. He joined the tennis team and will be teaching tennis for the third summer to youngsters on Cape Cod. He continued to work hard and meet the very high expectations from his teachers. It was a crying shame for us that Carver did not vote for the construction of a new elementary school. What support will be there for our future valedictorians? I digress.

This community of Carver, with its extraordinary people and programs, has helped shaped our son into the young man who is a proud graduate of Carver Middle/High School. To you, our humblest gratitude and thanks

Liz and Paul Duff

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Classroom Profiles, Photos, and News  / Testimonials  / Student’s achievements were reached with wide range of support