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    Kickoff to Kindergarten


Kickoff to Kindergarten
Cranberry Crossing is introducing a new program
Do you have a friend or neighbor who for whatever reason did not sign up their child for Pre-K in September and may feel anxious about their being ready for full day kindergarten in September of 2010? Please spread the word that we are starting a program for children who are not currently enrolled in a program. The program will be held on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9-1 from Feb.23rd until May 21st.
We will focus on the following skills:
·        Separating from family
·        Sitting in Circle
·        Waiting their turn
·        Learning new skills
·        Managing lunch
·        Using the bathroom
·        Making new friends
·        Pre-writing and Pre- reading activities
·        Computer Skills
We offer 27 years of experience with 24 other pre-k children enrolled
Summer Pre-Kindergarten programs may also be available
Limited enrollment for your child entering kindergarten in Sept. of 2010.
Other programs and openings available in our programs for children ages 1 month – 9 years old.
Please check our web site @ and email Bobbi or Lynne or call 508 866 2400.    
  Remember your referrals are worth $25.00 credit on your tuition.

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