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    November News 2009

We are starting this very busy month with pictures arriving and our annual fund raiser kick off. Please view your child’s pictures in his/her class. When you have made your decision, please enclose your payment made out to Hayward Photography. We will send the pictures back on Tuesday 11/10.  The sooner they get sent out – the sooner we get them back. Our fund raiser brochures have gone home and we would really appreciate your support in this. The cookie tubs make great gifts. You can package the tub with a rolling pin, cookie cutters or a cookie sheet to give any baker on your list. We will end the fundraiser on 11/13/09. The highest seller will receive a prize, as in years past, of a percentage of your weekly or monthly of tuition as a credit. The amount will be determined at the completion of the sale.
          If your child has breakfast here – please send in cereal or waffles, milk and syrup or other breakfast items at least monthly. We enjoy making their breakfast, but they run out quickly and we do not always have items like syrup or waffles or fruit on hand. You should label everything and plan on restocking each month. We will also remind you if we are running low. Lunch should always include a drink unless you keep milk here for your child. We provide snack twice a day but we may ask the children to choose something from their lunchbox if they don’t like the snack we are serving. Most of you send in a very plentiful assortment and your child enjoys choosing their snack from the food you pack.
Please try to attend our 1st annual game day on Sat. 11/7 at the Carver Library. Drop by between 12:30 - 3:30 and meet some of our families.
          We will be revising our Health Care policy slightly and will send home a copy to each parent to help clarify any questions you may have. Please read it and feel free to ask questions. You must keep your child home if they fit any of the criteria of the exclusion part of the policy (which is on our website). This is required to keep the other children and staff healthy and to minimize your child’s exposure while their resistance is low.
     Sue and Lindsay’s class have sent home a November newsletter with an invitation to share lunch with your child on 11/25. We are learning about nutrition and family and appreciate your participation. Robin and Lynne’s class are also discussing family and have sent home a family crest project for you to make with your child and share with us.
 Our classrooms will be making a giving tree on which small jobs or items needed for the class may be posted. We appreciate your help in providing things like gently used toys, help with sewing new toddler curtains or our dress up clothes. Also if you can provide spare clothing including mittens and hats, we would be grateful.
We are open 11/11 and closed 11/26 & 11/27.
 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / November News 2009

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