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    August 2009 Newsletter

August News

Finally we are getting some hot weather and enjoying the summer. Make sure you sun screen your child before school and we will reapply with their sunscreen after lunch. Also send in a towel, swimsuit and change of clothing. Shoes or sneakers in the playground – no flip flops please.

Please plan to come to our Open House on Wed. Sept. 2nd from 6:30-7:30 PM. If your child is Pre-K they will be moved to their new classroom upstairs. Please take this opportunity to visit with Robin and Lynne and explore the wonderful world of Pre – Kindergarten. Your kindergarten and school age child will also be in this class. Be sure that you have submit a bus request for your child to the Carver Schools, ASAP. They will drop off and/or pick up here, but it must be 5 days a week. The school will no longer do some days here and some days at home. If you work part time, you may meet the bus here on your days off. We also have limited openings in our infant and toddler classes, so please make referrals and earn a $25.00 credit upon their registration. The 3 year olds and early 4’s will be with Sue and Lindsay. We will also include a transition play group for your child 2.9-3 years in the 3 yr old classroom.

Remember WE ARE CLOSED 8/28 – FRIDAY to get your child’s classroom ready for the fall and to give our teachers a professional day to plan and prepare their classroom. Please be sure you have made childcare arrangements.

Kindergarten – Boot Camp – Is your child ready to go to school on the bus? Ready for lunch at school and being away from mom for 6 hours a day? Lynne will hold a 9-2 class on MWF the week of 8/24 for everyone headed to kindergarten. We love to see some of our former pre-k students and welcome your kindergarten child. Please call for a space.

Most of you have received a request for care. We must know your fall hours in order to prepare your contract for next year. With the economy still slow we have decided not to raise basic rates, however we have had to change some of our policies. We will be strictly enforcing the policies stated in the tuition contract. So please review the complete contract, then sign and return the acceptance page as soon as possible. Please note the hours you request are the hours you will be charged for. Early drop offs or late pickups must be approved and will be subject to additional fees. Vacation time will not be given without a signed contract. Also all vacation requests must be made in writing and be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

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