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    July 2008 Newsletter

July Newsletter

We are finally enjoying the hot weather and appreciate your sending your child in with sunscreen on. Please remember sneakers and socks for the playground - No Flip Flops. Also please send in a swimsuit and towel every day. We can't have water play everyday - but we will try to most days.

We are looking for someone with a little extra time and computer skills to volunteer some time with our 4 computers. We have 3 upstairs and 1 downstairs which are for the children but as you can imagine, with that many little hands clicking and searching, things have gone haywire. They need to be cleaned up - some new educational software installed and made child friendly. If you are willing to even take 1 home and give it a "tune up" we would truly appreciate it. Let us know.

We are sending home our yearly request for care form with the re-registration fee noted for your child. The rates have increased in some cases, but not more than $5.00 per space. We realize that the economy is bad right now - but hope you will come to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your tuition. We can be very creative and will help you to fit your childcare expense into your budget. Remember if you refer someone who registers for care - you will receive a $25.00 credit on your tuition.

Summer Fun continues and we are trying to recruit some high school athletes to put on a soccer camp - baseball camp - and dance camp. If your child is heading to kindergarten, this would be a fun way to get them in the "back to school" mode with a fun theme. We'll keep you posted on camps, but welcome new children every day. Remember that Kindergarten is 5 full days beginning Sept. 08. You may want to consider adding extra days or hours for your 3-4 year old to get them ready for longer school days. Carpool with a neighbor or friend who has the same schedule as your child. Feel free to call for space.

We have some parents who have posted business cards for your information. They would appreciate your considering them for jobs that you need done or could referrals to a friend.

Scott Cabral - licensed electrician handy man - Scott can do anything and has helped us out in many areas at the day school. <st1:phone phonenumber="$6946$$$" o_x003a_ls="trans">508-946-8063</st1:phone>

Ryan Doyle - Licensed plumber 781-706-6496

Brett Doyle - exp. Plasterer 781-831-7297

Glenn Rizzuto - DJ -Masonry and Landscaping 277-9643

Let us know if your child will be out. Return all forms to Tina with your re-registration ASAP. $1.00 per page will be charged if not returned.

For those of you who have a child starting kindergarten, we strongly feel that Cranberry Crossing can offer your child a leisurely beginning and end to their full day of kindergarten. They can return here and have the option to relax in a bean bag chair, listen to music, play outdoors and return to teachers that they have come to know and care for. We love to share their feelings and stories from school and look forward to that every day. A 9-5 day at the EKW school, part kindergarten and part before or after school care, is a very long day for a 5 year old and we are hoping you will keep Cranberry Crossing as your before and after school location. Please see Lynne, Robin or Michaela to discuss your childcare needs for September.

Happy Summer,


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