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    March 2008 Newsletter

March News

Happy days! It is finally getting warmer and dryer (I hope) and we will be going outside everyday again. Please be sure your child has a full set of clothing here including extra shoes and socks. You may find your child outside at pick up time, so please check the big playground.

As you know many of our teachers had the flu, but they are all better now and we appreciate all the help we had from you during those few weeks. Thank you also or keeping your child home when they displayed symptoms. That is what kept the flu from spreading through the classrooms and more children and teachers from being affected.

The Easter bunny will be making her annual appearance with a small gift for each child compliments of funds raised by our parent board.

3/19 the bunny will be upstairs and 3/20 downstairs. We will take pictures. There is no preschool on Friday 3/21 (9-12) class.

Our Annual scholastic book fair is taking place this week and next week. The fair will be set up all day. If you want to hide some books for your child's Easter Basket just let the teacher know. We have a great selection this year and we will earn books for the classrooms based on the total sales. So please visit and choose some great books.

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held the w/o March 24th. Each class will have days and times for your scheduled appointment, so please look for a sign up sheet or see your child's teacher.

We welcome 2 new staff – Colleen in the toddler room and Lindsay in the 3 year old classroom. Both ladies have lots of experience and are certified by the DEEC. Please introduce yourself if you haven't already and feel free to see Bobbi or Lynne if you have any questions.

Thank you for your generosity for Shonna. The books and gifts were much appreciated. We will let you know when little Leanne arrives

The Parent Board is meeting on Thursday, March 13th at 6:00 PM in the upstairs classroom. We would love you to join us and help plan our Apri, May and June festivities. Our sweetheart dance was a huge success with over $1000.00 in profit,

Thanks to you!

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