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    September 2007 Newsletter

September News

Welcome to a new school year. We are always excited about having new friends and having another year to spend with your children as they grow and move into new classrooms. Most of the moves are complete having had a pretty smooth transition from one group to another. We hope your child enjoys their new teachers and class and welcome your input and participation throughout the school year. One great way to be part of Cranberry Crossing is to join our Parent Board. Many hands make lighter work and we need your help. The small group of dedicated parents who make up our parent board currently have done a wonderful job in the past year and already have plans in the works for this year. The meetings are about an hour a month at Cranberry and most communication is done by email. Our President Anne Rizzuto would love to meet you and have you join our first meeting. We'll let you know the date and hope you'll consider joining.

We will be starting the year right off with our Yankee Candle Fundraiser. The sale will run from 9/17-10/1. We have had great success with Yankee Candles in the past several years and hope you will help your child's classroom by selling candles. Each teacher will post a wish list for the specific items they'd love to have for their classroom. The sale is prepaid – so please turn your payment in with the orders. Checks may be made out to Cranberry Crossing. Although it is a fund raiser, we would appreciate it if you collect sales tax with your order. We have to pay it as we are “for profit” and do not want to deduct that from the profit each classroom earns. If anyone has family pictures from this summer that they plan to order from, Bobbi needs them no later than 9/12/07.

All children in the upstairs classroom must be brought into the classroom. Lynne Robin and Michaela will sign your child in. Children may not be sent upstairs alone. Children also should not be left in your vehicle while you pick up their siblings, especially if you leave your vehicle running.

All children need a weather appropriate change of clothing including, shoes and socks.

Please be sure they have a nutritious lunch with no candy or sugary drinks.

We do not allow toys from home. Please leave those items in your vehicle when you arrive.

See your child's classroom calendar and class rules for more specific information. Thank you

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