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    Pre-K and K "Upstairs" News - Feb 2007

Dear Parents,

We are opening a Dunkin Donuts here at Cranberry Crossing every Friday. The children will run the operation with $20.00 that I will start them off with. They will be selling mini bagels with cream cheese, donuts, muffins and coffee. We will also sell hot chocolate. Hopefully if they are selling it they will eat it as we throw so much away. We are especially hoping that they will eat a whole mini bagel and the second one is free if they eat the first one. Today we will set the prices, make a schedule of employees and decide on the purpose of the money.

Along those lines we will also put a box in the upstairs and downstairs classroom to supports our troops. We will send letters and needed items to Jill Chmielinskiís son who is in the armed services. A list of needed items will appear on the box. Please also note that we hope that part of our profits will go to this cause.

Our birthday store is still open. For 25 cents your child can buy a gift (leftovers from Christmas) with a card and wrapping paper.

Our parent teacher conferences are coming up as well as kindergarten registration. You should be thinking of whether you will sign your child up for traditional or multi-age classes. We have some parents who will help you answer questions if you want more information.

We look forward to good weather and have enjoyed being outside these few days. Thank you for supporting our Valentineís Dance as well.

Have a good day!

Robin and Lynne

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / Pre-K and K "Upstairs" News - Feb 2007

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