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    Pre-K March News

Dear parents,

Happy Spring, even if it is a little premature. We have a great month ahead of us for March and want you to keep abreast of what is going on.

We are so pleased with the success of our Valentine's Dance. What a great Parent's Board you have this year. Their planning and execution was great. Our next event will have to be at Memorial Hall! Stop by our next Parent Board meeting on Tuesday, 3/7/06 at 6:30 and help us plan some new and exciting events for the end of the school year. Children are welcome!!

Welcome to our new students, Cameron, Samantha, Olivia and Victoria. We love to have new children and families in the center. Be sure to say hello to the children as well as the parents.

We moved our conferences to the last week in March as we will get $25.00 extra dollars in free books if we host a parent event during the book fair. We will post sign up sheets in every class and will do our very best to accommodate families who share their children will several teachers. Our book fair is through Scholastic and is our way of replenishing books that get torn through loving use. It is also a chance for us to ask you to choose book as an addition to your Easter Basket. Literacy and reading to your children is the biggest indicator of educational success for your child so we cannot stress it enough.

Happy March Birthday to Hannah, Jordan and Hannah G (on the same day), Melanie, and Lilah! We are very fortunate to have a resident artist in Robin's son, Cameron, who made our Birthday Banner which allows us to make your child's birthday a little more special, Thanks Cam! Also Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss, this Thursday. Bring in your Seuss items on Thursday and Friday.

After the Arctic we will head to the shores and study the ocean for a month or so. This unit is fascinating for the children and joyful for Robin and I. Feel free to add anything to our plans.

Speaking of the ocean, I will be cruising the week of the 13th. The lobster boat is in the shipyard which allows Wayne to take his vacation so we are off to better weather and calm seas, I hope. Taco has just returned from a weekend in New York with Robin and is looking forward to his trip to the islands (if his passport comes in the mail). What fun we have all had with him this year. I know we have about 10 more children to get to, so if you haven't visited with him you'll be sure to get him soon. Let Robin or I know if there is a special date you want him for.

Please drop any suggestions or comments you may want to share with us in the box downstairs or upstairs. We are here for you. We are accepting registrations for preschool 2006-07. Please let us know if your child will return in September as we offer spaces to you before the general public. Also, be sure to see Bobbi about plans for the summer. The summer camp schedule will be out soon. Please sign up your children early if you plan to have them any camps.


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