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    January '06 News from Lynne

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the kindness that you showed to Robin and me over the holidays and the kind words and cards from you after the death of my Dad. Collectively 2005 was a sad year for many of our families here at Cranberry Crossing and we look forward to a Happy New Year with lots of visits from the stork who promises to have a busy 2006 here at Cranberry Crossing.

Thank you to the parent who dropped a suggestion in our suggestion box. We have happily added a calendar to the back of this note (not the emailed version here but from school directly) as an interested parent said that it was a help in preparing their child for the day. Thanks and keep those suggestions coming!

Now that we will be inside more please watch for more fine motor projects happening in the class. We are working to help you child gain the skills they need to begin writing. Your child should recognize their name by now and have begun to be able to write it in capital and lower case letters, i.e. Lynne. Practice these skills at home. Their drawing should be planned and not all over the page and they should be able to color fairly well within large shapes.

We have two more weeks of dinosaurs. Talk at home about meat and plant eaters, methods of protection, “extinct”, etc. I have sent along a copy of our songs.

Our Chinese New Year Unit is always fun. Thanks to all of you who sent in cans, we have $4.55 to spend on supplies for noodles, rice flour, etc. We are also planning a field trip to Tiki Kye on Friday, February 3 at 12:15. We will leave after the good-bye song with each parent driving their own child or planning a carpool. Robin and I will drive the full day children and Bobbi will drive the kindergarten children. We will have fried rice, spareribs, chicken fingers and soda. I am going to ask for a ‘deal’ on the price as the time gets closer and I have a number of children. Parents can all sit together and chat or drop off their children and pick them up when we are done. I think it would be a great time for parents to get together over a luncheon special and 'gab'.

February is our shortest month but it is always the most fun-filled. Robin and I will send out another newsletter in two weeks with information for Feb.

Thanks again for everything. We are looking for rolls of paper if anyone can get them and also someone to drive to Hyde Park and get us some great free art supplies.

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / January '06 News from Lynne

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