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    April 2004

This newsletter is late as we are already busy planning for summer. We have come up with some exciting plans that we think your children will enjoy. More definite information and calendars will be available to you soon, but so far we are planning: 8-10 weeks of camps. The programs will run from 9-1 M – F and may include the following themes: Art – T–Ball – Soccer – Dance – Wood-working – Jewelry making – Music – Cooking and Acting. If you have any ideas or could help us out with a special week of camp, please see Lynne. We would also like our campers to have their own camera for a pictorial over view of their summer to be collected in a “summer scrapbook” camp at the end of August. We are looking forward to a fun and creative summer. The 5 day program will be $100.00 per week. Additional hours may be available. See Bobbi to schedule your weeks. Full day – full year children will be participating in all camps, but may be asked to pay a small material fee.

Our book fair was a huge success and we appreciate all your support. $118.00 dollars worth of books were donated to our classrooms by our parents and we received $170.00 in free books for the school.

The toddlers, 3 & 4 yr olds will be participating in a hop for Easter Seals. You will be asked to get sponsors for your children and send in all donations by 4/30/04. The upstairs class will be riding bikes for St. Judes during the w/o 5/19. We will let you know the day that your child is assigned “bike Day”.

We are planning our end of the year field trip on Tuesday June 8th and invite all children age 3-6 to join us at Nelson’s park in Plymouth. We will reserve 1 school bus to accommodate all the children. Parents and siblings are invited to follow own in their own vehicles. More info to follow. We will also offer Cranberry Crossing T-shirts this year and will send home the size and price information We request that all children on the field trip wear their Cranberry Crossing shirts. We may also include a morning whale watch for the older children and would appreciate your input on that idea. Chaperones are needed and welcomed. Some of you are owed snow days and are invited to schedule make up days. See your child’s teacher for dates. Our last day for T/Th is June 9 and MWF is June 10th. The week of the young child is next week and we will have 4 days of fun for your children. See classroom bulletin board. We are closed Monday 4/19. On Earth day 4/22 we are planning an outdoor clean up, please dress your children accordingly and help us if time permits. We will also be moving some children soon and will meet with those parents soon to discuss the transition.

Please send in large T – Shirts or paint smocks for your children. W3e never seem to have enough and would appreciate a donation of some large T-Shirts.

Please return your request for summer care or let us know if you are not planning to use any vacation days over the summer.

Pray for Sun.

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 [F] Cranberry Crossing  / Notices  / News  / Archived Newsletters  / April 2004

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